Creating Data Enabled Culture

Creating a Data-enabled Culture I think the term data-driven is common, and a lot of people are aware of the term. It also has a broad area of application across many practices. I feel my Org is already data-driven. We use data in all our metrics, planning, discussions, collaboration and more. However, today during a cross team meeting I realized that we are also a data-enabled organization. When the term popped into my head I thought maybe I was on to something new, or perhaps maybe something a bit esoteric.

Snowflake Osquery Fleet Magic

Snowflake, osquery and Fleet is Pure Magic! Many of you have probably heard of osquery, which is software you can install onto a computer that allows humans to query the OS to return fast and reliable system data. Osquery is not new, and many Organizations have been using it in various capacity for years now. Vendors and developers also ship osquery with their products these days as well. This allows a developer or vendor to collect local data fast and reliably for their software and solutions.

Post JNUC 2021

JNUC 2021 Recap Hello everyone, this will be a quick recap of my experience from the JNUC 2021 virtual conference, and a companion update to the talk I gave. First, I need to really thank Jamf for putting on a well produced virtual conference. I will admit that I was a bit skeptical of things like audio and video quality, participant interaction, and the look and feel of pre-recorded talks. Everything exceeded my expectations.

IT & Ops Data with Snowflake Part III

Gain Oversight of your Asset Inventory with Snowflake Welcome to Part III of my mini blog series on being data driven with Snowflake. This post will be solely dedicated to how an organization can leverage a platform like Snowflake to improve their asset and inventory controls. Both Part I and Part II can be viewed with those links if you haven’t read them yet. This post will focus on end user devices for the most part and not networking hardware, application catalogs, servers, and so forth.

IT & Ops Data with Snowflake Part II

Working with Data in Snowflake Welcome to Part II of my miniseries blog around Snowflake with IT & Ops Data. If you have not read Part I, you may click that link to read it first. Data has always been very important, and Snowflake just makes using the data a ton easier than we have ever had before. This post will focus on some basic ways one can work with data with in Snowflake.

IT & Ops Data with Snowflake Part I

Be Data Driven in IT/Ops with Snowflake Technology changes very fast, and it keeps getting bigger and more complex. We have so many systems these days, our systems have systems. It doesn’t have to be complex and daunting to get reliable, and up-to-date data. Getting accurate data, while getting it fast, is key to developing data driven strategies. We no longer have to live in the constraints of capacity, limited storage, and limited scalability.